Saturday, October 29, 2011

Arigato Project

This drawing will be exhibited along side other works at Tokyo Designers Week 2011. I got selected for the Arigato Project competition...really unexpected and exciting news!

The competition was run as a way of expressing thanks to people everywhere who've contributed and supported Japan since the disaster in Tohoku.

Creative workshops for kids in affected areas have also been happening as part of the project. (Sorry, I can't translate the text!)

The selected works will exhibit in the ARIGATO PROJECT booth
from November 1-6 TOKYO DESIGNERS WEEK 2011.


  1. This is soooo cute! I love the patterns and the way you made the letter transparent!
    so cute!
    congratulations DA!!!
    I hope you WIN!

  2. I went to the tokyo designers week today and saw your artwork! it is so lovely and how special is it that you got selected in this project! and of course i voted for you :)

  3. Hiki! Thank you, you are a sweet soul. I didn't even realise there's a voting system!? It really was special to be nominated.. Thanks Hiki!

    DA!! Thank you for being my official photographer since I can't go! Ha! good spotting about the transparency... but I forgot why I did that? like the pumpkins and the rice bowls on that calendar!!??

  4. Hi, Grace!
    I couldn't go to Tokyo Designer weeks...
    I want to talk each other English and Japanese lesson soon!!