Friday, January 20, 2012

stuff my mum says


...about friendship

My favourite letter ever.. handwritten from Dad and Mum (Aka mum). I love how Mum tries to sell me the features of the 'calonda'

Dear Grace,
Here is a little pocket calonda. I use it every day. it pretty good. I write all my thing each day what my program. I leave it on my desk.
So I think this may be useful to you. You can put it in your work bag. It is also good reminder of what we need to do each day too.
So grace, I hope you like it. God bless
Love from Dad and Mum

And, what names sound like to my mum.


  1. This is so great. So sweet & warm & funny. I relate completely!
    If I could add my Nonna's versions of names... Rain (Ryan), Vanezia (Vanessa), Clauf (Clive), Kelby (Caleb)...

  2. I love "Rain" and "Clauf"...thanks Angie! You'll have to think of a 'nonna' friendly name for angive jnr!