Friday, July 8, 2011

Counting things in Japanese (things I can't count yet)

My first ever zine. Twelve pages of illos about counting things in Japanese.

There's a counter for small animals, and one for larger ones.

A counter for flat things (including jeans and t-shirts)

and one for machines too.

I'll be selling Counting things in Japanese (things I can't count yet) at the ZINE'S MATE Tokyo Art Book Fair next weekend. (July 16-18)

Thank you to Ebony and LTL for being so persistent and convincing me to make a zine!


  1. It's beautiful! Zinespiration a go-go. I love it. Do you ship to Australia? How can I order one? Perhaps I can paypal you for a special order? vct x

  2. VCT! I am yet to set up an online store.. But will let you know when I do..
    your desk is cool as always.. Hope we can climb again one day, Linda H!

  3. I love your zine!!!
    so cuuuuuuuute!!!!!!!
    I hope you to make your next zine soon!

  4. The whole office adores it!!! Thank you for the package of zine goodies! You're the best, Grace! x

  5. your zine looks super cute!!!
    i can't wait to see it!

  6. Akiko, thanks for your comment and thanks to you and CBA for coming to the exhibition! BANZAI!? LTL!! You and EB were the ones who got me onto it.. Hon and Eli too! Thank you! Hiki, I hope I get to see your zine in real life soon! I love the pink touches in your poster zine, can I buy one off you the next time I see you, please?!...

  7. Grace it looks super-duper cute! I can't wait til you set up an online store so I can snap one up! Zines are so much fun! Tiff x