Wednesday, July 6, 2011

That's me on the left...

It was hanging day for the exhibition tomorrow.
Thanks Ebony for taking this pic from today.

That's me on the left and illustrator Yamazaki Miho (Daborabo)

Yamazaki-San helped me with my sample cards by adding faces

Initially I designed these as the forehead, but they now work as faces too!?
I love these ones that Yamazaki-San drew. Thank you!


  1. DUDEEEE I want one of those post cards they are THE CUTEST THING EVER! you are sooooo clever! ZOMG!!! talent alert!!! xoxo

  2. thanks EB, but, I think that 'padded' envelope I got in the mail was cuter, DA!

  3. DUDE! you're amazing! I am so so so so blown away by your stuff today! and your cute zine!!! which looks like an amazing book! WAOU!!!

  4. I am loving your blog and your works are just lovely, eye candy!

  5. Hi guys, thanks so much for your comments