Wednesday, May 30, 2012

travel bits

of the imaginary kind


  1. cuteee!
    PL: the zippers busted.
    DA: just put some clasps on it with your imaginary sewing kit

  2. Bonjour Grace!
    You know i'm a bit ashamed for never telling you more about my tattoo request.. I kind of put the project on the side for now, but it's still in my mind. And i keep coming back very very regularly to admire your work. I must say i *love* the way it's "growing"! + I'm taking off in a few days (lucky me) and i'm packing up my travel bits too! I wish i could find such a pretty eye mask*

  3. Kawaiiiiiiii!!!!!
    I love that eye mask!
    very cool!
    I can't wait to listen your travel story in Aomori!


  4. Hey Juliette! Thank you!! No worries at all! Hope you had a great trip. Thank you for still stopping by

    Akiko! was good to see you last week. Looking forward to seeing your new video!